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Choose from our various commission packages selected for your type of townhome and what services you need to sell your home for max value, depending on area, competition and market trends.
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Costs To sell
Your Townhome

This is the commission, in percentage of the final sale price, that you will be paying your agent/brokerage for the services provided to sell your townhome. This can range from 1% to 5% usually and is based on several factors such as the realtor experience, brokerage brand names, amount of time & effort, services included, marketing budget for your agent to sell your property. While discount agents and brokerages don’t normally include many services, full-service agents and brokerages may pay for professional photography, videography, virtual tours, floor plans, online marketing, print marketing, cleaning, home inspections, staging and more.

For example if your home is in a very high demand area with multiple offers AND is in extravagant shape and ready to sell than you might choose 1% as the property might “sell itself” but if your property will need some marketing, some interior staging, renos, and marketing by your agent than 1.5% or 2% will be more suitable to ensure you receive much more for your property.

This is the commission you are going to pay the other agent that will be bringing a buyer to your property. Why are you paying this? Think of it as an incentive for agents to bring their buyers to your property vs any competing properties for sale. The usually rate offered is 2.5% of your sale price.

This is your listing commission plus your co-op commission combined. For example if you decided to pay your realtor 1.5% listing commission and your co-op was offered at 2.5% than your total commission would be 4% of your final sale price to be paid to both agents.

During your real estate transaction commission is one of the largest costs but there are a few more in order to close your sale and these are - legal fees – status certificate – outstanding utilities and condo fees – mortgage bridging costs

Selling your home means, packing, organizing and moving and this might ensure some added costs such as: Boxes/Moving Supplies, Movers, Cleaners, Garbage Disposal, Storage, etc

Step 3
We want you to know exactly which services we offer all our sellers, why we use them to sell your home for top value and why we feel they make an impact on buyers!
  • Realtor Meet & Greet
  • Free Legal Consult
  • Free Mortgage Consult
  • For Sale Sign with Post Installation with Riders
  • Pre Listing Inspection
  • Renos and Repairs
  • Storage / Pods
  • Staging Consult and Plan
  • Staging, Decluttering and Furniture Rental
  • Professional Cleaners
  • Ultimate Visual Package
  • MLS / Listing
  • Social Media Ads
  • Open House and Property Booklet
  • Realtor Networking
  • Legal Closing Services
  • Moving Boxes / Kit
  • Garbage Disposal /Junk Service
  • Professional Cleaners
  • Moving Service

Frequently Asked Questions

Am I locked into the contract?
If we are unable to sell the property within the allotted time frame stated within the Listing Agreement, the seller may cancel the contract with no financial obligation to MTH.

Can I switch my package?
Absolutely! The package system is a unique and distinct hallmark of MTH. You may switch packages at any time.

Can I switch my agent?
While we do our best to accommodate every client’s needs to the best of our abilities, we understand things happen and tensions can arise. In such circumstances the client may request for a new agent to represent their interests.

Is MTH a real brokerage?
MTH operates under REMAX ,which is a realty brokerage registered under the Toronto Real Estate Board with full MLS access.

Can I use my own lawyer/home inspector?
Absolutely. Here at MTH we are all about transparency and choices. If the client decides to use their preferred inspector or law firm, MTH will reimburse up to a maximum of $500 + HST towards the cost of each service, payable upon closing. This is guaranteed in writing included in the Listing Agreement as an additional schedule clause.

What do I actually have to pay for?
Specific costs will differ for each individual package but generally, the client should expect to only pay the commission percentage listed in the package chosen. If the seller requests to cancel the contract before the contract expiry date due to any issue(s) minus negligence, the seller may be required to reimburse up to the full expenses already paid by MTH at the time of cancellation.

Can I make my own custom listing package?
Absolutely, that is the beauty of MTH. We offer our clients the flexibility unavailable anywhere else in the GTA with full transparency. For custom listing packages please book an appointment with MTH and our agent will reach out to tailor the perfect listing package for your needs.