2-Storey v.s. 3-Storey v.s. Stacked Townhomes

2-Storey v.s. 3-Storey v.s. Stacked Townhomes

Tuesday Sep 11th, 2018


Are you thinking of purchasing a Townhome?  A little confused? So many choices and decisions.  Let’s get you up to speed.


A townhome represents the ideal living situation.

A townhome is a house in a small footprint in the city, usually with multiple floors and sometimes stacked one on top of the other. It is abutted on either side by other houses forming an unbroken row of homes and giving townhomes their other name “row houses.” There is usually a common foundation and continuous roofline between the units. A townhome will have a separate entrance, and many also have a driveway or parking space and private outdoor space.

Townhomes are common in dense urban areas like Toronto, which makes them an excellent option for young homebuyers who love their city lifestyle and want a home that feels like a traditional fully detached home but at a more affordable price. Detached, semi, back split, side split, bungalow, and condos are commonly used property descriptions when describing properties in real estate. I’m sure you have heard and also know what most of these mean, right? On the contrary, townhomes have a few more choices that you need to be aware of as a buyer.  One of these choices is 2 storey or 3 storey or a stacked.


What are the Differences Between 2-Storey vs 3-Storey Towhomes?

2-Storey Townhomes

The majority of townhomes built years ago were generally 2 storey townhomes. But with the recent demand for more space in an ever-growing metropolis like the GTA, builders are being forced to offer more 3 storey options vs 2 storey towns.

A 2 storey resembles most detached homes with the shared family space and kitchen being situated on the main floor with the bedrooms all being upstairs. With 3-storey townhomes, the main floor tends to be a den or extra room sometimes along with a powder room.  



The second floor is your shared family space and kitchen. Your third floor is where your bedrooms and bathrooms are located. There are pros and cons with both options.

If you are looking for more square footage and separate areas within your home, as many new young families, than the 3-storey is your best bet, but keep in mind the extra floor and space means more stairs to climb up and down.


The 2 storey has been a great option for those looking to downsize, due to the need for less space and more importantly only one set of stairs to battle on a daily basis.







What are Stacked Townhomes?

Stacked townhomes, or also referred to as Flats, are a new trend in condominium construction that is rapidly gaining popularity across the GTA. If you could imagine taking a high-rise building and laying it on its side, that’s an analogy for this smart use of land.

By "stacking" one unit upon another, residents have the advantage of a house-like layout with two floors but it feels more like a condominium with another unit above or below yours.

Once again, due to the constant demand for housing in the GTA and with certain areas of the city having height and density restrictions, so instead of building semis, singles or detached, the next best alternative has become the stacked townhome.  A builder can use the three or four storeys height that may only be allowed, plus the basement or below-grade level to create another unit. Also this allows the builder to double or triple the unit count and the may still condominimize it, which means they can put it in a form where people are sharing certain common elements that belong to it.

Stacked TownhomesOne huge advantage of stacked townhomes is the reduced price. This reduction in price happens by eliminating three levels of underground parking, all the facilities, hallway spaces, lobbies and all the things that builders have to usually put more money towards. So basically that’s how they can afford to sell at a cheaper price per square foot than a condominium A stacked town is a townhome on top of a townhome. The most common form is a two-story unit on top of a two-storey unit. What’s attractive about them is you get an individual home form, a typical home with an upstairs and downstairs entered directly off grade but you get two of them.

So by speaking to our team at MyTownHome, we can easily help you determine which choice is best for you and your family!

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